Sucker Lit Volume 3

I’m going to go ahead and kick this blog off with an older book that I read. Sucker Literary, edited by Hannah Goodman, is an anthology, not a novel, which isn’t usually what I read. However, I received a copy of Volume 3 for free with the request that I provide a review. Click here to view it on Goodreads and click here to view on Amazon.

I found this anthology to be very relatable. The editor intended it to connect with teenagers and to make them feel something. The short stories it contained definitely reached that goal, but in some cases it was at the expense of understandable English. In the case of some of the stories, they were very poetic, and they certainly sounded pretty, but they weren’t coherent.

My favorites of these stories included “The Chemistry of You and Me,” by Evelyn Erlich, “How to Fall,” by Kacey Vanderkarr and “Superpower,” by Mary Molhatra. In general, I liked these best because they balanced emotional story-telling and quality writing really well.


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