Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten

Available May 31, 2016 from Delacorte Press

I received an ARC of Beware That Girl at BEA. Thanks to Delacorte Press for the opportunity to read. Click here to view on Goodreads or click here to view on Amazon.

Beware That Girl is a psychological thriller set deep in the heart of the Upper East Side where meds are served with cocktails and paths are greased with money and names. Featuring Kate, an outsider, a scholarship kid, trying to piggy back her way onto the big scene (and Yale), and Olivia, a head case just on the other side of a psychological break. Oh, and Mark…shady, charming, gorgeous Mark.

For as enticing as this storyline sounds, I was bored for at least half of it. It’s pitched as a thriller…but it took a LONG time to get to the thrilling part. The first half of the book is one big dictionary of who’s who in NYC. I’m talking Chloe and Dolce and Bergdorf’s. Everything had a name and everyone had something  name brand. As a lowly outsider of this fabulous world I felt…bored, mostly. I don’t care about name dropping, so as a reader I wasn’t impressed, and it certainly didn’t warm me to the characters. They were constantly mooning over a scarf or a purse or a dress and filling up on prescriptions and booze.

But, maybe this book wasn’t written for me…but for someone more cultured.


I think the author hid the secrets so well in the beginning of the book, the reader is left flapping in the breeze, wondering when the hell the story will start. We’re just following these two girls around as they go to school, self-medicate, and visit their therapists. It’s like an episode of Gossip Girl, except without Chuck Bass or Blair Waldorf, or hell, even a Lonely Boy to keep things interesting. There was literally nothing!

Around page 250 when things finally got interesting, I was GLUED to the page. The turn of events was engaging and twisted and I loved it. Sadly, it only lasted 50 pages until the book ended. I felt like the agony of the long buildup didn’t quite pay off in the end. It felt a little too contrived to be real and the hints dropped seemed too convenient…more like they were used for shock value rather than what they added to the story. And the final twist…I just thought, really? REALLY? I wasn’t excited. I was frustrated…and maybe a little let down.

If you can make it through the initial lull, the last stretch is at least entertaining.

2.5 Stars



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