Emotion Market: So It Begins by Dimitris Chasapis

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Click here to view on Goodreads and here to view on Amazon.

In Emotion Market: So It Begins, Dr. Caroline Emerson has created a medical technology that can perform long-term alterations to patient’s emotions. The International Council on Emotional Control has been formed to help regulate this service because they recognize the potential for abuse this technology has, but the ICEC has also chosen to immediately offer Emotion Markets to the public rather than waiting for the results of the clinical trials. The morality of this technology is hotly contested, and there is a conspiracy in place to take them down.

There are too many characters to efficiently keep track of, and more characters were continually added. Characters added nearer to the end were less developed than characters in the beginning, which is a bit of a problem considering characters introduced earlier weren’t that well-developed anyway. The writer used very few moments to show us about the characters, but took many opportunities to tell us. As a result, much of the development felt thin and underdone.

The writing style was strange. The dialogue and exposition were redundant. Sentences would sometimes be rewarded three different ways. It made the novel clunky and awkward to read.



The exciting part of this novel was the mystery. Who is behind the plot to take down emotion markets? Why are they so against it? Who is funding them? How did Taylor’s actions at the end of the novel benefit them? I also liked that everything was connected. It was fun to try and connect the dots.


  • 3 stars
  • Clunky, awkward writing
  • Too many characters
  • Exciting conspiracy and mystery

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