The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith

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In this Snow White sequel, we get to see Snow’s life as Queen. She is queen of a happy blended kingdom, she maintains a beautiful castle, and she’s planning her only daughter’s wedding. But Snow is also very depressed because her husband, Charming, has passed away. She’s wandering about the castle one day, trying to avoid everyone when she realizes there is one place no one will ever go to look for her: her stepmother’s chambers.

My main problem with Snow stems from my current perception of the character. In other recent Snow White stories, Snow is a strong lead. She makes her own choices, she argues with Charming, she doesn’t consider suicide a solution, and she isn’t crippled by her losses. She knows she has a kingdom to run, and she does it. We get a few pages of that, even before she loses Charming.

In reality, it’s not an actual problem. Its just different. The author was right to distinguish her from other Snow White’s like that, or I’d be here complaining that she’s another Mary Sue character with no distinctive traits. I do wish she would have stood up for herself more, though. I felt like she was always giving in to somebody else, never really taking what she wanted.

I want to bring up the issue of consent. The lines blur considerably, which made me uncomfortable. On their wedding night, she doesn’t even know what sex is, let alone the concept of consent. Also, when she wants to have sex right after she tried to kill herself… Over sex… Probably not the healthiest for Snow, mentally or physically. And Charming is absolutely not down with it.

I enjoyed the writing, which is rare for self-published novels. It was eloquent and descriptive. Snow had a distinctive voice and the author didn’t ramble.

This book is very hopeful. It serves as a healthy reminder that the people we’ve lost are never really gone; our memories of who they are and the time we spent with them keep them alive, in a way. The mirror was a great tool to show that with. It always made sure to emphasize that what she was seeing and feeling was her. It wasn’t controlling or distorting anything. When she realized that, she figured out the mirror wasn’t trying to manipulate her, and She let it help her heal.

– 4 stars
– Snow feels defeated & lost
– nice writing style
– strong sense of hope



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