The Heir by Kiera Cass

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I’m Eadlyn Schreave, and no one in the world is as powerful as me.

I am so excited to share this review with y’all. Cass has grown significantly as a writer since The One. There’s a command of tension and build that wasn’t there before. Her characters are well-developed to begin with, and they continue to grow and reveal themselves throughout the story. There are no built-in distractions conveniently placed in slow spots. The Heir is a compelling story about a young girl, who never wanted to be queen, but her parents fought for her right to rule before she was even asked. She was forced being queen and now she’s being forced into holding a Selection, as well. But, as she told her parents, if she’s going through with the Selection, it’ll be on her terms.

Cass has surprised me with Eadlyn. She’s angry and she has a real reason to be. She’s also  (wonderfully) a feminist. We know that she has a passion for fashion design and has designed much of her closet. She’s also flawed and spiteful. She’s a spoiled brat who tolerates people because she thinks she’s above them. She’s hotheaded, to the point where she almost started throwing punches in the middle of a fight between a few of the Selected. She’s strong without being perfect, and she’s so much more than we got with America. She has so many great things going for her, that I just might forgive her for telling her parents, “You’re ruining my life.”

Because I knew these people, I was so much more invested in their doings. I was pissed when Eadlyn mistreated her maid in any way, or when she got too uppity. I understood Kile’s need to leave. I admired Hale and his determination, and I’d like to learn why he is so devoted to her. Henri was the golden retriever I never had (actually, that’s a lie. I have one right now. But you catch my drift.). He was so sweet and he loved Eadlyn and he made my heart melt. The decision to focus on fewer characters working in Cass’ favor because now we get the chance to love the important ones the way Eadlyn does.

And this Selection is so much more exciting than America’s. Without the distraction of the rebels, we got little gems like The Selection Variety Show and a game show where Eadlyn tested her participants on the history of Illea. Eadlyn may have trouble finding the time to interact with the Selected, but when she does, most moments are either embarrassingly funny or heartwarming.

  • 5/5 Loved. Would recommend to all my fellow princesses.
  • So much growth from the author
  • If you don’t die laughing at The Selection Variety Show, you’re wrong
  • When, oh, when will Gavril retire?

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