Imperium Omni: Captain’s Edition by Matthew S. Thomas


I received this book from Booktasters in exchange for an honest review.

Shadow, a half-elf, half-human graduate of Hawksmoor academy, sets off on his first missions as an Explorer. On one of his missions, he encountered a group known as the Changers, who are hell-bent on returning a Golden Amulet to Raunos, a demon. He joins this group and realizes soon enough, that there are scarier things out there than Raunos. This book was written as a sort of supplement to a video game, named Captain’s Edition.

This whole novel gave me Deja vu. If it’s not sounding like Lord of the Rings fan-fiction, it’s reading like dialogue from Skryim. The Golden Amulet of Raunos feels like it’s really just Sauron’s One Ring. I mean Raunos is literally an anagram for Sauron.

The book was written the way people tend to think; thoughts, facts, ideas and events are all jumbled together in single strings. It creates this tangential, meandering atmosphere and it’s frustrating to read. There was also a lot of dialogue, with not a lot of action. People were stating the painfully obvious all the time. Please realize that you’re readers are able to deduce what’s going on without explicitly stating it.

The setting was fine. There were no breaks in world-building, and everything was really descriptive and immersive. The Latin was a great touch, adding that it was a language long dead, even to old humans. It was an effective way to let us know that this was ordinary midieval.

This book was, unfortunately, not for me. I’m not deep enough into the video game world to fit into the niche that appreciate this novel. It is fantasy, which is one of my favorite genres, but I found myself constantly trying to measure it next to my other fantasy favorites, which was really distracting.


  • 2/5 Stars
  • Not my cup of tea





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