The Crown by Kiera Cass

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Eadlyn would still like to think there is no one as powerful as her. But it’s hard when her mother is dying of a heart condition, and her brother left the country without telling anyone, and her people hate her, and she has to choose between the 6 suitors still at the Palace, but the man she really wants to be with isn’t one of them. Not to mention, there’s an Illea out there stirring up trouble by suggesting he and the Princess are in love. Yeah, sure. No one is more powerful.

Anything interesting that happened in this story, happened during the last book. There is little plot development and no action. It’s simply Eadlyn trying to decide what to do with her life. The ending was entirely predictable, from who Eadlyn chose to what Eadlyn chose to do with the country. The one truly shocking thing was Lady Brice’s identity, and even that felt lackluster due to the lack of foreshadowing or description or character building to actually make us care about Brice. Yeah, everyone love someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, but who is Brice as a person or a character? We really just don’t know.

Speaking of Brice and the advisers, why are they even still around? What purpose do they serve? How were they chosen? Why hasn’t Maxon gotten rid of them? All they seem to do is propose terrible ideas and attempt to bully whoever is in charge into listening to them.

It wasn’t even a fun read, because I could care less about anyone in the novel. America’s relatively absent the whole time, Maxon is mopey, twin brother is gone. Who else have I got? Oh, that’s right. I’ve got the guy who can barely speak English; the architect who used to use his talents to help the impoverished, but can’t seem to stop designing palace parlors these days; the boy who promised to provide a reason to choose him everyday, until he tells Eadlyn he likes someone else; and a boy who’s not even in the Selection. Right. Interesting.

There are some moments in this story that had the potential to be very heartfelt, and they were very rushed, especially near the end. It was like Cass had a page limit that she was trying hard not to go over, even though there were things she desparately wanted to talk  about. Maxon’s conversation with Eadlyn? Was there a reason we wait until there were 7 minutes to the announcement? Was there a reason the conversation with Marlee about Kile needed to happen in less than 10 seconds? Probably not.


  • I don’t even know what to say
  • Not good
  • 1/5 stars
  • It’s not even fun anymore



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