Prodigy by Marie Lu



Before you check out this review, you should flip back and check out our review of Legend.

Prodigy begins where Legend leaves off, with our heroes June and Day on a train bound for Denver and the warfront. There, they come face-to-face with the Patriots, who they ask for help to save Day’s life. In return, they must complete a mission for the Patriots: assassinate the new Elector. June is asked to play the part of dutiful soldier to the Republic one more time while Day enters the ranks of the Patriots as one of their Runners. Collectively, they may bring down the Republic.

In Prodigy, we finally get to see the famed Colonies, and we realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. While the Republic is a classist military state, the Colonies are a solidly capitalist state, and June and Day find they’re not too fond of that either. While the Republic controls their people based on fear and might, the Colonies create control by suppressing the lower class.

I wish we’d gotten to spend more time with June and the Elector. She was with him for a total of days, but I think he’s an interesting character who deserved more time to develop and interact with. On a contrary note, when Lu develops Anden and Tess in the context of love interests for Day and June, it’s a bit contrived. The love triangle this is played out, and to be expected. June & Anden and Tess & Day make much more sense together than June and Day do, but that’s part of what makes them compelling together. Also on the other hand, June and Day are right; there’s a lot that went on between them, and some of it doesn’t feel forgivable.

The twist at the end of the novel was drafted really well by Lu. She uses June’s sense of perception to hint at who turns tail in the end. It creates a sense of surprise that you don’t really see coming.

In my review of Legend, I decided the story of the Republic was fun, but lacked substance. Prodigy changes that a little bit, as the readers eyes are opened a bit farther to the world we’re dealing with. I hope that the trend continues in Champion.


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